Sheena follows up on a patient named Mr. Purin

Mr. Purin is an inpatient who has been on a fluid restriction for the past six days due to hyponatremia from Syndrome of Inappropriate Diuretic Hormone (SIADH). Enteral nutrition is Mr. Purin’s sole source of nutrition.

Sheena is concerned that Mr. Purin’s fluid restriction over the past six days is not providing him with enough hydration.

Sheena checks Mr. Purin’s laboratory work from yesterday on the electronic medical record and sees that his sodium levels have increased into the normal range. She thinks if it might be appropriate to slightly liberalize the fluid restriction to allow for more water in his feeding tube (1.06e, 3.02d) and pages one of the clinical fellows she works with to make this suggestion (1.09b, 2.01d).

The clinical fellow calls her back, and following a discussion, agrees with Sheena’s suggestion (2.06g).

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