Explore Dietetic Practice in Canada

Around the world, the scope of a dietitian’s practice may vary. In Canada, there are three main areas of dietetic practice: Nutrition Care, Population and Public Health, and Food Service Management. Dietitians may work in one or more of these areas, as well as other areas, like education, research or industry. While legislation, regulations and policies may vary across Canada, the scope and core areas of dietetic practice are generally similar.

Nutrition Care

Dietitians who work in Nutrition Care assess, plan, implement and evaluate nutrition care plans for individuals to help maintain and improve their nutritional status.

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Population and Public Health

Dietitians who work in Population and Public Health develop nutrition and health programs and policies to promote the health of groups, communities and populations.

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Food Service Management

Dietitians who work in Food Service Management ensure that food service operations are client-centred and cost-effective, and that food is safe and nutritious.

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Standards of the Profession

Individuals who wish to practice dietetics in Canada are required to meet a set of standards before obtaining registration and working in the profession. This ensures dietitians are safe, effective and ethical in their practice, which protects the public. These standards are defined and described as a set of “entry to practice” or “entry-level” competencies.

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