Terms of Use

The Canadian Dietetic Practice Orientation and Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT) provides a general overview of dietetic practice in Canada. It also assists you in reflecting on your own knowledge and skills compared to the standards required to practice dietetics in Canada. This website is for informational purposes only and is offered free of charge.

It is recommended that you read all the content of this website, then sign up to “Complete My Self-Assessment”. The Self-Assessment section builds on the content described in this website.

No. Any specific information you enter on this website will not be available to any provincial dietetic regulatory body. Only summarized anonymous data on the website’s usage will be collected for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Regardless of your use of this website, you will need to be assessed for registration by a provincial dietetic regulatory body to practice as a dietitian in Canada.

Click on one of the links below to contact the provincial dietetic regulatory body with which you would like to apply for registration.

Please note that certain provinces may require you to complete further self-assessment tools as part of their registration process.

For general information on applying for registration in Canada, click here.

Visit the contact us page to email a representative from the College of Dietitians of Ontario who will direct your questions as appropriate.