Nutrition Care Dietetic Practice in Canada

Nutrition Care is one of the three broad areas of dietetic practice in Canada. This section will provide you with an overview of Nutrition Care, and describe how, where and with whom dietitians work in this area of practice.

An example is provided to help you understand the role of a dietitian working in Nutrition Care in Canada.

What is Nutrition Care?

Dietitians in Nutrition Care use evidenced-based practice and principles of medical nutrition therapy to manage and improve the nutritional status of patients/clients*1. Dietitians may also work with patients to help reduce the risk of disease.

Dietitians often work within an interprofessional healthcare team or collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

*Note that the term ‘patient’ and ‘client’ are often used interchangeably. They both refer to an individual who is receiving nutrition care.

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