Putting it all together: The role of a dietitian working in Population and Public Health in Canada

Below is an example of how a dietitian might work in Population and Public Health.  Throughout the example, you will see the competencies that are being demonstrated. These competencies are identified by numbers and letters, for example: 1.03b. Click on these to reveal the competencies.

Meet Farah, a dietitian working in a Public Health Unit

Farah is a dietitian working for a large Public Health Unit (PHU) in the Family Health Division. The PHU is located in an urban neighbourhood. Her work focuses on promoting perinatal health for at-risk pregnant women and their babies, including breastfeeding support.  At-risk pregnant women may include those with low-income, those who engage in high risk behaviours, such as drinking alcohol, and teenagers etc.

Farah supports this population through the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a perinatal nutrition program (1.03b). 

Farah works closely with a team of public health nurses, lactation consultants, and social workers who provide social services for families (2.06c). She is also an active member of a committee of community-based leaders and organizations that advocate for children’s health and well-being. This helps her to stay informed about the programs, services and resources available to the population she serves (1.12c, 4.01d). As a result, Farah is better able to assess the assets and needs of the population she works with.

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